54 Capital is an Africa-focused asset manager established in 2013 by Saad Aouad, its current Chief Investment Officer, and Emmanuel Couteau, its current Chief Operating Officer.

From inception, 54 Capital has set itself apart with an agile and adaptive deal-by-deal execution and fundraising strategy. This strategy ensures a better alignment with the interests of each of its investors, as well as provides greater accountability and increased value to all stakeholders.

54 Capital has no pressure to deploy, before the end of a given investment period, a blind pool of capital already committed to a fund. Instead, 54 Capital thrives to only source investments that will best fit its investors’ risk appetite and return expectations.

About Our Firm

Today, the team has grown to 10 investment professionals, spread across 3 offices in London, Dubai and Addis Ababa.

The team currently manages 6 portfolio companies with a total deployed capital over US$ 150 million, making 54 Capital the largest private financial investor in Ethiopia. In 2019, the firm successfully exited its first investment, concluded in 2013, in the Moroccan private education sector.

Our Timeline


54 Capital founded by Saad Aouad and Emmanuel Couteau


54 Capital invests in UPM


54 Capital invests in GULLELE


54 Capital invests in TENA/ ASTCO/ AQUASAFE


54 Capital invests in ETETE/ APF


54 Capital exits its investment in UPM

Key Statistics



Largest Financial Sponsor in Ethiopia

16.6% Net IRR to investors over 5.5 years on a debt transaction